Bluebeard is a modern adaptation of the French fairy tale with the same name, and follows one night with a woman who has recently moved into the home of her partner. This dark short explores the unknown space between intimacy, and asks questions about the limits of knowledge and sexuality within a partnership. Featuring performances from Grace Rex (Women Who Kill, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Karl Baker Olson, Kim Rosen, and Alice Shindelair.

BLUEBEARD, 10 minutes, HDV, color and sound, 2016
A Film by Rachel Garber Cole and Kimberlee Venable

Past Screenings:

Bushwick Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY | Grrl Haus Cinema, Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA | Girl Haus Cinema, Berlin, Germany | Queens World Film Festival, Queens, NY | Fem/Cine/Anarchy with the Bluestocking Film Series, Portland, ME


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