Pregnant and Dying, 12 min., 2013

Written, Produced and Performed by Rachel Garber Cole      

Directed by Rachel Garber Cole & Johnson Henshaw                

Directory of Photography Jordan Levie                                            

Edited by Jesse Ruutilla

Pregnant and Dying is a short, experimental film about a young woman named Elma who finds herself both pregnant and dying. 

Visually inspired by photographer Cindy Sherman's Rear Screen Projection series, Pregnant and Dying is shot almost entirely using rear screen projection. Writer/Director Rachel Garber Cole plays all but one of the characters. Her father plays the other.


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Screening History

Pregnant and Dying has been screened at the Portobello Film Festival (London, England), Vortex Cinema Club at Doopo Doopo Gallery (Longond, England), Anthology Film Archives (New York, New York), Cinema Club (IndieScreen, Brooklyn, NY) and other venues in and around New York City.

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This project is funded, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC)

Additional funding provided by all the very generous donors who gave to Pregnant and Dying Kickstarter Campaign